Defining Organic SEO

Until 2011 getting your website to rank high in Google was a worthwhile pursuit, in 2015 and beyond it definitely is not.

Because it is very wasteful!

Explaining why could get very deep, the best analogy I can give you is this:

The tactics being used in most forms of Organic SEO are a bit like counting cards at poker.

Organic SEO Image 1

It won’t get you put in jail, but the Casino (Google) doesn’t like it and are within their rights to ban you from their business.

Let’s not forget Google is a business, not a platform or a charity. The most successful business of the 21st century without any doubt, their latest quarter yielding just under $16 Billion(USD) in revenue.

They have and will continue to, penalise and deindex websites that abuse their promoted best practices. Yet their promoted best practices either require substantial resources, incredible strategy or hey presto – Google advertising.

That’s the kicker,Google has basically laid out a fork in your businesses road.

Organic SEO vs Google Advertising

They control the traffic and you can either invest substantial resources (eg a fulltime team at say $500,000 per annum or just one ridiculously talented individual perhaps at a mere snip of say $250,000 per annum focused purely on content,syndication and organic SEO) or you can pursue the most productive and efficient path and run optimised Google advertising (one of our core services – click here to find out more or click here to find out how we incorporate Google advertising into our lead generation systems).

Why would you spend 3-12 months paying to “try” to rank highly for a phrase that may or may not generate business using “Organic” SEO tactics that carry a high risk, when with our assistance you can rank within 48 hours at the top in a superior position for hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of phrases, WHERE YOU WERE ONLY PROMOTED TO THE SPECIFIC TARGET GROUP THAT WERE MOST LIKELY TO BE YOUR BUYERS.

Content marketing should be the only organic search engine strategy right now.


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