Do You Generate Good Leads Using Linkedin?

We Do.

Linkedin Offers Fantastic Reach Into Business Decision Makers.
As a B2B Sales lead generation platform it is fantastic.

►►► As a means to start a discussion with a key individual, it is fantastic.

However 99% of Linkedin users are butchering this opportunity and burning bridges before they are even built.

My name is David Twigg and i work with my team building systemized marketing funnels for companies that need to generate leads.

By leads i don’t mean the on mass rubbish peddled by many Lead “Vendors”, where the “lead” has absolutely no interest in what you are offering.

Leads we generate are warm, in some cases they are ready to do business in other cases they need further development and nurturing.

►►► Most People in Business Are On Linkedin.

Yes there are still some stragglers that don’t want any engagement online and don’t believe it is a good investment of their time, but the vast majority of business people in most roles in western countries are now on Linkedin.

☛ Which means they can be reached. So the key is how to reach them and develop an opportunity to offer them what you sell.

We have developed a marketing system which you can download for free here

This system utilises Linkedin as well as Google, Facebook and other key platforms and mediums to generate leads.

For B2B clients Linkedin is very powerful and is one of the pillars of the system.

I firmly believe Linkedin should be part of any B2B marketing strategy and that doesn’t mean a shotgun approach sending messages and connection requests. This is considered SPAM by receivers and Linkedin itself(it will harm your reputation with Linkedin which will have several knock on effects).

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