Google Adwords Campaign Management Optimisation

Like any marketing medium, the power and leverage of Google Adwords is in optimising setup,ongoing tracking and management and ultimately tweaking copy,keywords and settings.

Google Adwords Campaigns

RULE NUMBER 1. There is no such thing as a Perfect Google Adwords Campaign Management. All Adwords Campaigns are a work in progress, unlike producing TV ad campaigns or Print media campaigns, Adwords allows real time management.

IMAGINE THIS: You are Marketing director for a big brand, you have just paid a creative agency $$$$$$$$ plenty of money to create a TV ad campaign and after several showings of your ad there is clear feedback that the guy in the ad is turning people away from your product. Ok CGI and digital manipulation techniques have come a long way but really to replace that guy reshoot the ad and rebroadcast it you are into a massive financial headache.

CTR Optimisation

Google Adwords allows you to test,test and test again, it will run simple A/B testing so that you can see user behaviour on 2 varying ads, use the data that gives to keep the WINNER and rewrite the LOSER. When i refer to winner and loser it really is generally very obvious which ad is the winner:

eg. “Ad A” CTR 4% on 8000 impressions, “Ad B” CTR 1.2% on 6000 impressions(ie Ad A is 333% better than Ad B)…..this level of conclusiveness is typical.

You really must understand your Key Metrics. CTR(Click Through Rate) is the first key metric, because if your ad is not being clicked then it is not serving it’s purpose. To put more meat on the bones,lets say your CTR is 0.1% ie for every 1000 impressions your ad is being clicked once. This may sound incredibly low but since Google made changes to the layout of the Results pages, being in the right hand margin really doesn’t get seen very often, and in general 80% of adwords advertisers that manage to get onto page 1 of the ads, are whistling in the wind in the right hand margin.

So CTR is a reflection of position,quality of copywriting,of course bid and the mysterious algorithmic element that Google call Quality Score.

If your average CTR(ie average over all the keywords in your account) is less than 0.5 then you really need help.
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If your average CTR is between 1% and 2% that suggests you have fundamentals in place but could be pushing higher.

5% is a fair goal(ie 1000% more clicks than if you had 0.5% CTR so 300 clicks per month(at 0.5% CTR) could turn into 3000 clicks(at 5% CTR)).

CTR is a hugely important aspect of Good Adwords Campaign Management beyond it being a reflection of your advert being seen it is a massive influence in another major metric,Quality score. Find out what your account CTR is today, it will give you an immediate handle on how effectively your current Google Advertising is being managed.

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