Google Advertising Needs Professional Setup & Management – That’s What We Do.

Even if you already rank number 1 for every relevant keyword in your marketplace, you should still be running Google advertising.

If you don’t, then a well setup and managed Google advertising campaign will generate new customers for you

How Important Is It To Rank In The Top 3 Positions?

Very important. Yes you can generate good leads by being positioned in the right sidebar but typically we see 3-5 times more from positions 1-3?

How High Do We Need To Bid To Get To The Top 3 Positions?

Greatly depends on a range of factors but you should understand this. Google advertising positioning depends on a calculation involving 2 factors:

  • Your maximum bid to appear for a particular keyword/phrase and
  • the quality score Google has given you for that particular keyword/phrase.
  • 90% of Google advertisers ignore Quality Score.

    We Don’t.

    We Commonly See Advertisers Bidding & Paying Way Higher Than They Need To Because They Have Low Quality Scores (eg $20 per click instead of $2 per click). It Is Vital To Focus On Optimizing Your Keyword Quality Scores To Avoid This.

    What Are The Main Factors To Maximise Conversions?

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