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Facebook Marketing has reached the point where it can no longer be avoided. In 2009 we dismissed it as a fad, nothing more than a way for teenagers to exchange youtube videos of chimpanzees riding a bike or photos of the opposite sex they had met on a dating site.

We were wrong.

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During 2010 this view was eroded as we heard the numbers of new Facebook sign ups and frankly as we heard our wives and friends of all ages talk about what they had heard or found on facebook. These were all consumers, people who would rely on facebook to help them make an informed decision on a range of aspects of their lives including where they would buy products, who they would trust when they needed professional services, where they should consider going on holiday, what car they should desire, it became a medium for people to do their due dilligence on where they wanted to work and what other people are getting paid. The theory that it was not a place to have a commercial presence has been scotched simply because the average facebook user is on facebook for an hour a day and this will soon rival the amount of television they watch per day.

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That’s not to say creating a Facebook Marketing campaign is a straightforward matter. Understanding the idiosyncracies of a typical facebook user and understanding the great viral opportunity that the platform offers has been a challenge. A challenge we addressed by attending a closed door $10,000 private seminar in California last year to examine the opportunity that Facebook offers to business. This was undoubtedly information that has had very limited exposure even in the USA and helped gain clarity on the main focus of leveraging Facebook’s opportunity. The conclusion we drew was 99.99% of Facebook business users are not on the right road to maximising their presence as they are missing a key understanding of what Facebook can do and what you need to do to grow and engage your audience.

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There is no doubt Facebook is here to stay, myspace has become irrelevant, twitter is a waste of time, social bookmarking is too social but Facebook has now become a genuine secondary option to Google SEO. SEO will remain fundamental but Facebook can certainly be considered as a viable ally for your Online Marketing plans.

We seek a limited number of clients to work with and create a strong viral presence

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aimed at building your Facebook leverage and introducing new customers to your business.

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