Imagine If Your Website Converted 37%… 76%…. Double……. 5538% More Traffic Into Warm Leads

Those improvements were just some that we made for
clients during 2015.

Optimising your website to convert traffic into leads and sales is more about science than art. When we build a website from scratch we organise a clear plan designed to use a website just as Coles and Woolworths use their product aisles. Websites should be structured to take customers/prospects through them rather than leave them to their own devices.

However often when clients approach us they have just had a new website designed by one of the plethora of website design agencies that care more about cool than bottom line. This is certainly not a lost cause. We commonly build new layers onto existing websites through what we call landing pages. When we build a landing page for your website, it is created to receive traffic and convert it into leads and sales. However there will always be scope for improvement, that’s why we run what we call Split tests to tweak and hone the messaging to optimise conversions.

We work with client websites to improve conversions on landing pages and improve the structure of a site to maximise conversions. When a prospect lands on your website from online traffic they will have clicked a link. That link would have promised them something(eg Solve……. Grow…… Get…… Get Rid Of…….Lose……) and so when they land on your website the original promise needs to be backed up and the next step needs to be presented effectively. If this simple sequence is consistently performed then conversions will occur.

Getting into the psyche of your ideal prospects is the starting point to achieve this, understanding how they think, why they have clicked your link, why they are visiting your website and then positioning your solution and next step so that they feel comfortable moving forward with you.

That’s why before building traffic and conversion strategies for new clients we organise a marketing brainstorm session which allows us to deeply understand your marketplace and your business’s position within it.